prostate cancer world map
The prostate tumor has a high incidence and a long period of latency, both in its development and in the progression of the illness. There are numerous risk factors known concerning the development of the prostate tumor, including age, geographic area and race. In addition there are pre-cancer lesions that can be diagnosed and followed. The incidence is very high in North America, Northern Europe and Australia, and much lower in Asia.
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Dear Friends,
I am very pleased to introduce the new Web-Site of the World Foundation of Urology, dedicated to anticipate the challenges and meet the needs of the patients. A wide scientific panel will offer an authoritative on-line resource, to enhance clinical and surgical experiences and release information to the public.
Welcome….and join us!
Prof. Mauro Dimitri
President World Foundation of Urology

Prostate Cancer Awareness Campaign
Malta 26th May / 1st June 2010

The Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Directorate in collaboration with the World Foundation of Urology is raising awareness on prevention of prostate cancer during the week 26th May to Ist June. The main aim of this campaign is raise awareness about the cancer of the prostate, being the commonest cancer in males in Malta and to encourage prevention measures.
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The SuperTomato is born, another weapon against tumors 

the SuperTomatoThe “Supertomato” is born from an Italian research, at the Istituto di Chimica Biomolecolare (Institute of Biomolecular Chemistry) CNR in Naples.
The World Foundation of Urology-NGO supports the research regarding the “supertomato” in the prevention of prostate tumor. It is a natural tomato, not a transgenic one, with a high nutritional value, ready to be placed on the market.
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